Accounting and Reporting

Accounting and reporting are those processes that are essentially the backbone of every organization.

Timely recording of financial transactions, payrolls, taxes, tax invoices and expenditures makes it possible to be aware of the business’s financial condition. It is directly affecting the ability to make long-term plans for future development.

Furthermore, regulatory compliance in the United Arab Emirates is increasing on a regular basis. All businesses are obliged to keep adequate accounting records for at least five years until the end of the financial year. This requirement is also obligatory by the Federal Tax Authority and other government entities.

Thus, keeping all internal accounting records up to date and in perfect condition may become a complex, time-consuming task. To avoid penalties, as well as have a clear picture of the company’s financial performance, outsourcing accounting and reporting services to an expert team may be a good idea. This is where a team of highly qualified financial advisors from Westland Corporate Services is here to address all your accounting, auditing and VAT requirements, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business. Our experts, in partnership with qualified and experienced specialists in the field of accounting and reporting, are well-versed and looking forward to discussing a tailored solution specific to your business, regardless of size and complexity.

We at Westland are keen on providing outstanding accounting services for small, medium and large-sized enterprises in UAE. Contact us today for more details.




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