Incorporation of New Companies

The United Arab Emirates is home to many rapidly developing economic sectors, such as real estate and construction, finance, information technology, tourism and hospitality.

Effective governance, well-balanced legislation and a healthy financial ecosystem have made the UAE one of the most popular countries to start and run a business. In addition, it offers a dynamic market ecosystem, convenient infrastructure, relatively low taxation and many other opportunities.

Although registering a new company in UAE may seem straightforward at first glance, it often turns out to be only partially true. It requires knowledge and understanding of various local laws and policies. In addition, each type of business in the UAE has its own requirements and limitations, and it is crucial to be aware of them to avoid financial or time losses.

Westland Corporate Services offer comprehensive knowledge of local laws and regulations and provide quality support in the process of incorporation of new companies in the UAE. Our experienced business consultants specialize in various types of companies, understand the specifics of Free Zones, corporate bank accounts, and many other aspects of business within the UAE.

If you choose to start your business in the United Arab Emirates, specialists at Westland will be happy to provide all the necessary support along the way. We aim to ensure your business’s booming growth and are keen to give only the right solutions in all business matters.

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